Will Next Generation Apple iPad be Solar Powered?

While the media and consumers are clamouring about the Apple iPadand how quickly you can get your hands on one, it appears Mac may havea major cleantech announcement coming in the near future.

It seems as though Steve Jobs and company are trying to developsolar chargers for mobile devices such as the iPod, iBook, iPhone, andthe brand new iPad.  Recently, Apple submitted a patent application for a new system to control solar cells on a portable device. 

In its patent application, Macintosh proposes to place layers ofsolar cells underneath the display screen.  This means In products suchas the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, a majority of the device could becovered with solar cells, and thus capable of generating a decentamount of electricity.  Sound exciting?

Before you run out the door hailing Apple technology as aninnovative deity, it is important to consider that even with the mostefficient solar cells, the devices will not be able to powered by solarenergy alone.  Nevertheless, the ability to charge your iPhone, iPod,or iPad by simply stepping out into the sun is an excellent feature,which is both chique and practical.

Read the full story at The Atlantic Business Channel:  Will a Solar-Powered iPhone Have its Day in the Sun?

Image courtesy of Apple

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