Will Massachusetts be the Next Big Solar Market?

mass horseman Will Massachusetts be the Next Big Solar Market?

Great news coming out of Massachusetts. Rules were approved lastmonth on how homeowners can get guaranteed money for going solar in thestate from their electric companies.

Here’s how it worked out: In 2008, the state legislature requiredthat electric companies get at least a chunk of the energy they producefrom clean, renewable sources. These rules, just written up in January2011 now say exactly how much you can be paid for having one of thosesources be your rooftop with solar panels on them.

If your utility company isn’t able to show they hit their targets for deriving electricity from clean sources, they are bounded to pay aspecial fee directly to the state. The rules were just written toclarify the exact amount your utility company would need to pay for each bit of electrons that they aren’t able to get from a clean source.

Basically for you as a homeowner in Massachusetts considering solar,you now have some additional guarantees, since instead of paying a feeto the state for a certain amount, your utility company will now bewilling to pay YOU for the right to say your clean electricity yougenerate with your solar panels feeds into their electric network.

For an average sized 5kW solar system, you can expect about $2,000per year in payments directly to you from the utility company for having solar on your roof! That’s in addition to the added value the panelsgive to your home (20x your annual electric savings), your actualutility bill savings, and environmental savings as well!

For more info on how this all works and how you can start getting paid big bucks each year, get a solar quote! Our friendly experts will help you pencil all your costs and return oninvestment out step by step, and will also be able to offer you savingsfor going solar as a group!

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