Why it Doesn’t Matter if my Salesperson Doesn’t Own Solar

Areader just wrote to me saying that most of the solar sales people hemeets don’t have their own solar systems. The fact that a sales persondoesn’t have solar really shouldn’t matter to you, and let me tell youwhy.

Not buying solar because the salesperson doesn’thave solar is like being at a restaurant and not ordering a salmonspecial because the waiter is allergic to fish. Or not buying a MazdaMiata because the salesman is the father of 3 kids and drives a sedan.Or it’s like not buying a fantastic house because the Realtor lives ina condo.

In all these cases, there is nothing wrong with theproduct; they’re simply not right for the salesperson. That shouldn’tdisqualify them from recommending it for you–if those products areright for you. You’re not allergic to fish, you’re single, or you wanta back yard. It’s the same thing for solar.

Let’s take me for anexample. I’ve mentioned this on other blogs, so it’s no secret that Idon’t own solar. Why? Because as much as I love solar, it’s not rightfor me right now. Why not? In my case, I have three excellent reasons:

  • I rent, so it’s not my choice, but I would love for my landlord to go solar. Also…
  • Ilive in apartment in Los Angeles. Again, impossible for me to go solarright now. Am I saving up to buy a house? You bet. Does that mean thatall the info on this blog isn’t relevant to you, a home owner? I don’tthink so.
  • Even if I owned my own home right now, I’m a goodenvironmentalist, and I’m currently a single guy. A house would make myelectric bill higher, but probably lower than $80/month. In my stateand utility, going solar would have a very long payback at that kind ofminimal usage. So again, it might not make economic sense for me untilI start a family and my electric bill is higher.

Salespeoplehave some of the same reasons as I do, especially if they’re justentering the business. They may already own their homes, their housealso has to be right for it. That is:

  • Like me, their electric usage needs to be over $80/month to make economic sense.
  • Is their home’s roof facing South, Southwest or South East. Is their enough roof space for the panels?
  • Is there too much shading from trees or other structures?
  • Do they have enough home equity to finance it?
  • Arethey planning to move soon to a place that IS better for solar, butwaiting for the market to improve so they can sell their home? The list goes on….

So,I hope that this reader and other solar potential home owners don’tmake decisions for their own needs based on the needs of thesalesperson.



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