Why is the EPA Ending the Climate Leaders Program?

 Why is the EPA Ending the Climate Leaders Program?

I recently blogged about why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is ending the Climate Leaders program for the Green Tie, theofficial blog of NAEM, the premier association for EHS Management.The following is a short excerpt from my post.In an announcement thatsurprised me, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced thisweek that it plans to end its Climate Leaders program. As a partner inthe program, I received a letter explaining the rationale for this move.

“EPA has determined that climate programs operated by the statesand NGOs are now robust enough to service our Partners and otherentities that wish to continue to advance their climate leadershipthrough comprehensive reporting (that exceed mandatory reportingrequirements) and/or the establishment of facility or corporate-levelGHG reduction goals. For this reason, over the coming year, EPA willphase down services the Agency provides under the federal ClimateLeaders program and encourage and assist the transition of our Partnersinto non-federal programs that our Partners choose to join.” (Click here to read the complete letter to the Partners).

I felt compelled to respond and sent the following note to Assistant EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, outlining my concerns.

Dear Assistant Administrator,

This is response to the email I just received announcing that EPA is winding down its Climate Leaders program. I felt strongly enoughabout this action that I wanted to share my reaction immediately. In myown opinion is EPA is making a mistake in closing down such an important and successful leadership program.

To access the full blog post, visit the Green Tie blog.