Why Invest in Solar?

solar%20flowers Why Invest in Solar?

The solar energy industry may be in its infancy right now in theU.S., but environmental groups and industry officials project the amount of solar power in the U.S. to rise significantly by 2025—and there areseveral reasons why.

The sun shines all over the world and is capable of providing urbancommunities as well as rural areas, in every country on the planet, with clean, renewable energy. With solar costs on the decline and tax incentives and rebates on the rise, solar is becoming moreaffordable than ever. Green America estimates the cost of solar powercould be on par with traditional utility energy by 2015, making solarenergy as affordable as your average electric bill. And it’s only goingto get better.
The Top Five Reasons to Invest in Solar Power:

1. Unlike the fluctuating costs for fossil fuels, solar is capable of providing stable prices to utility providers and consumers. Onceinstalled, solar costs remain stable. What’s more, solar leasing programs offer homeowners an affordable way to install residential solar powerby paying a low monthly bill that rivals a traditional electric bill.

2. Solar is capable of producing cost-effective peak generationenergy. The sun shines a majority of the time in many places and iscapable of producing power during peak times. PV systems store solarenergy for use on cloudy days or at night.

3. In a carbon-regulated market, solar has no fuel costs, lowmaintenance, and will provide carbon credits rather than carbon costswhen compared to coal, nuclear, and gas-fired power plants.

4. In energy stressed grids, solar PV can ease congestion. In off-the-grid areas, solar can provide affordable power.

5. Widely available right here at home, solar is a carbon-freedomestic energy source. Harnessing the power of the sun can be done inour backyards, on our rooftops, and in our deserts.