Who’s Who in Solar Silicon

Apache parking structure2 Who’s Who in Solar Silicon

Some of the twenty smaller polysilicon manufacturers operating todayprobably won’t be around by the end of 2011.

That predication, and manymore, can be found in a new report from Bernreuter Research. The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production containsforecasts for the silicon PV industry, basic information on 150companies around the world and in-depth profiles of 96 industry leaders. The report includes a chapter on nine new technologies formanufacturing solar-grade silicon.

From the report’s Executive Summary:

The global financial crisis has not only weakened the demand for polysilicon, but also exacerbated thecapital-intensive construction of new polysilicon plants. A whole series of projects has been postponed or totally abandoned – in particular inEurope, Russia and India.

In contrast, Chinese aspirants have greatly profited from thestimulus program the country’s central government has introduced,encouraging domestic banks to apply a loose lending policy. From thepool of 51 Chinese companies this report covers, we have classified 35as serious players. They could produce as much as 80,000 metric tons(MT) in 2012, about one third of the global volume of approximately250,000 MT in our scenario.

Three of the top ten manufacturers in 2012 will come from China.While they are all pursuing a business model of vertical integrationacross or at both ends of the photovoltaic value chain, the world’s topthree producers will remain polysilicon specialists embedded in achemical company: Hemlock Semiconductor Corp. (with Dow Corning Corp. as the majority shareholder) in the USA, Wacker Chemie AG in Germany andOCI Company Ltd. in South Korea.

The report was written by Johannes Bernreuter, head of BernreuterResearch, and Frank Haugwitz, a PV consultant living in Beijing.

At $1,278 (950 euros) a copy, the report is clearly meant forprofessionals. For ordering information, visit BR’s Website.