Who are the Top 10 US Cities for Cleantech? We Need Your Input

u.s. nuclear plants country wide map Who are the Top 10 US Cities for Cleantech? We Need Your Input

Here’s a question I’ve been getting asked a lot about lately and have been personally wondering myself: What is the best city for the cleantech industry in theUnited States?

If you work in the cleantech industry, I need your help for a couplemoments! We’re going to crowd source the compilation of the informationthat will be useful to everyone in the industry and then make it free to the community. I know a lot about the information in Boston, but not so much about other cities, that’s where you come in

icon smile4 Who are the Top 10 US Cities for Cleantech? We Need Your Input

Goal Of the Survey

Based on your responses to my little survey,  I’m going to publish ayearly report and make it free to the community. The goal is that the survey willrank each city based on a simple criteria and provide a complete list of cleantech resources, government policies, companies, and investors ineach city. We’re going to continue to collect the information and release the report every year, which will be especially useful as theindustry grows and changes.

In this context, I’ll define cleantech as anything associated with;renewable energy, energy efficiency, water, green building, cleantransportation.


Two years ago it seems like the answer might have been prettystraight forward, but things have changed a lot since then. Cities andstates are passing new policies aiming at attracting new investment,large companies are investing in CSR, and many more universities arebeginning to change their curriculum.

My first thought was to answer this question by creating an as-you-go type documentary and travel to a bunch of cities and do interviews with companies, city official, and at universities and continually write and post photos and videos on my blog.

Information We’re Lookingto Collect

I’ve created a simple form below with some basic information that I’m looking to collect. I tried to keep the survey very short and simplefor the first try.

If you have a second, here’s how you can help:

  1. Depending on the city where you are located, please fill in any andall information that you have.
  2. If you have colleagues in other cities please forward it to them.
  3. If you can just fill in one part, no problem, any and allinformation will be useful. You’ll be asked to rate each criteria forthe city you’re located in and then provide SPECIFIC examples to back up your rating. These examples will be used to compile the resources ineach city that we’ll provide in the report.

City Specific Information:

1) Quality of InvestorCommunity:

-Cleantech specific investors in your city (angel networks, VCs, etc)

2) Cleantech Talent

-Universities with cleantech oriented programs

-Think tanks

-Local training programs

3) Resources

-Government Polices

-Green Incubators

-Non-profits/Industry Associations

-Business Plan Competitions

-Local Events

4) Existing CleantechCompanies. Please list companies you’re aware of located in your city.

-Large Companies (Public)

-Middle Size Companies (Large but not public)

-Small Businesses


Google Form to Fill Out


I’m very excited about this project as I think we’ll be able tocollect some great information, but I can only do it with you help

icon smile4 Who are the Top 10 US Cities for Cleantech? We Need Your Input

Thank you in advance for your help!