When Will Obama Step Up for Solar?

Now this is awesome news. “U.S. President Barack Obama signedsweeping land and water conservation rules into law on Monday, settingaside millions of acres as protected areas and delightingenvironmentalists.”

Sure the environmentalists are happy about the measure, a package ofmore than 160 bills, would designate about 2 million acres — parks,rivers, streams, desert, forest and trails — in nine states as newwilderness and render them off limits to oil and gas drilling and otherdevelopment.

This opens the door even wider for alternative-energy such as windand solar. Which brings my question to the table: When is Obama goingto sign into law a measure for alternative-energy?  What is taking solong!!

I want to see tax credits for solar energy; I want to see Obama tellthe dinosaur energy people, “You’re history” while graciously openingthe door to solar energy panels on every roof top in America. Solar isso much cheaper and so much better for our environment.



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