What it Takes to be Successful in China

china2 What it Takes to be Successful in China

The Importance of Relationships: It’s all about connecting to both the heart and the mind.

Trina Solar recently recognized Applied Materials in part because the two way dialogue between our employees is frequent and effortless.

The first time I met Qiang Huang, Trina’s vice president and chieftechnology officer, we connected. While sitting at lunch duringBaccini’s first Innovation Summit, we discovered a shared interest inChinese calligraphy. Xi’an, China, the location of Applied Materials’ Solar Technology Center, just happens to also have the "Stone Library," which records the bestexamples of the ideal way to scribe Chinese characters. Although muchless famous than the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Shaanxi Museum houses the oldest and largest collection of 2,300 stone tablets from the Han, Wei, Jin, Sui Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties — forming acomprehensive library of books-on-stones. Both of us had spent timeexploring the Museum’s well preserved legacy. From this starting point,the conversation easily shifted to how Applied Materials could helpTrina win in the market and how we could support Trina’s roadmap.

At Applied Materials, we know that when our customers win, we win. Wedemonstrate that we’re not just listening but hearing. We create afeedback loop that reinforces the relationship, making it easier tocandidly identify issues, constructively solve problems and enhance thesupporting connections. All these elements are easy, when we can walk in the shoes of our customers — one foot in the culture and one inbusiness.