West Virginia Ponders Solar Alternatives

West Virginia is known for its Coal Power production, and localresidents are typically used to coal as their one and only power source. Despite green trends in recent years, many West Virginians arereluctant as this is such a different way of life to embrace over coalpower. However recent events such as the gulf oil spill are helping to swaylocal residents about renewable energy sources. Some residents aregoing solar, and encouraging their neighbors to as well. It’s hard toexplain that solar is not a detrimental technology, and that this willactually boost the economy in West Virginia if they promote, rather than shy away from, solar power alternatives. In towns dominated by coalmining, some are changing standpoints, and embracing the solar powerthey recently feared. As with the rest of the nation, the spread isgradual, but as the benefits of jobs, and the benefits of better energyall come true for towns across America these solar holdouts will changetheir minds. Renewable energy is a way of life, and by explaining thisway of life to those who have lived the life of coal power for decadesthey can see how it’s a step for our future.

As solar spreads, and its popularity grows even more, additionalskilled workers will be needed to bring about this change. If you wantto get trained for a job in renewable energies, and help bring aboutthis change for your community, check out our mainwebsite for more information.

Post from: Boots On The Roof



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