Walmart and HP’s Sustainable Supply Chains $WMT $HPQ

Walmart+and+HP+Sustainable+Supply+Chains Walmart and HPs Sustainable Supply Chains $WMT $HPQ

Walmart and HP are two examples of companies that areleveraging their buying power to increase sustainability throughouttheir supply chains.

Wal-Mart has launched a number of sustainablesupply chain programs, including its Sustainability Value Networkwhich directly involves its suppliers in a number of green initiatives.On February 1 2010, Wal-mart also implemented a new supplier packaging scorecard, that formally rates suppliers on their progress towarddeveloping sustainable packaging, as well as their ability to helpWal-Mart reach the company’s sustainability goals to reduce waste, userenewable energy and sell sustainable products.

HPrecently published a set of guidelines aimed at helping large corporations encourage sustainability throughout their supply chain. The goal is to help multinationals better equiptheir suppliers — especially small and medium-sized business — toeffectively compete in the global marketwhile improving environmental standards.

Althoughthere are barriers that need to be overcome, sustainable supply chainsare part of a trend that is sure to continue.