Wal-Mart Loves Renewable Energy

walmart Wal Mart Loves Renewable Energy

We have blogged before about business and sustainability. Numerouspublications have authored stories about the need for business andsustainability to merge, becoming a stronger tie. Furthermore, drivingbetter practices through sustainable solutions and renewable energytechnologies is simply better business, and recently Wal-Mart, a giant in the business world, has taken a step towards this symbiotic relationship of business and sustainability.

In 2007, Wal-mart invested in the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to help develop renewable energy technologies. Now, they arealready installing solar panels at store locations in California,Hawaii, and Puerto Rico with plans to install many more in Californiaand Arizona. Not surprisingly these states were selected due to theirabundance of sunshine.
Wal-mart will beinstalling thin-film solar semiconductors due to their ability toproduce solar energy while reducing production and manufacturing costsbased on their small size and utilization of silicon. We can expect tocontinue seeing business practices of this nature, especially if majorcorporations are getting on board.