Vision Electro Mechanical to Develop Solar Plants in Saudi Arabia

solar power plants in saudi arabia 1

Walking through glorious history of oil production, the world’s most important oil producer Saudi Arabia is now looking towards solar energy for power. The largest Arab country of the Middle East is gearing up to set its first solar power plant manufacturer, the Vision ElectroMechanical Co. Established with the aim to develop, manufacture andoperate solar power plants, the company will build its first power plant in the Mecca province in eastern Saudi Arabia.

solar power plant

The $150 million company believes that Saudi Arabia is an idealplace for solar plant installation as the nation is covered by theArabian Desert that provides plenty of sunshine and space for solarpower plants. The solar power field is designed not only to keep trackof the movement of the sun throughout the day, achieving maximumsunlight, but can also work under the highest temperatures.

Although Saudi Arabia makes a lot of money by selling oil, butrenewable energy is a cheaper and greener alternative. In a quest toreduce its dependence on fossil fuels and find cheaper and eco-friendlyalternatives, the kingdom established the King Abdullah City for Atomicand Renewal Energy in April this year. This renewable energy ‘city’ isdesigned to meet the country’s growing energy needs in an eco-friendlymanner.

Via: GreenProphet


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