Vindico Files Patent Application For Vindico PV+ Technology

Vindico Surface Technologies BV, a joint venture enterprise between Hardinxveld-Giessendam, has applied for a patenton Vindico PV+. According to the company, the technology is acombination of anti-reflective and hydrophilic technologies that hasbeen independently proven to increase watt peak up to 5% or more.

Thepatent application has been submitted for a two-stage process thatcombines an anti-reflective coating with a durable, hydrophilic,dirt-repelling coating for use with photovoltaic glass used in theproduction of solar energy.

The two technologies used inproducing PV+ are combustion chemical vapor deposition (CCVD) and asol-gel coating. The CCVD process works by depositing silicon dioxideonto glass, creating an anti-reflective coating.
Application ofVindico HP, a sol-gel coating, over the CCVD technology process furtherenhances light transmission, the company adds. Sol-gels combinemultiple chemical traits into a single coating for increased adhesion,durability and wear resistance. (Vindico HP has passed 50,000 abrasiontests with no effect.)

In addition to using Vindico HP incombination with the CCVD process, Vindico HP can be used as acontamination-reducing, hydrophilic coating on all types ofphotovoltaic glass and solar mirrors. By itself, Vindico HP canincrease light transmission and reduce contamination by 50%.



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