VIDEO: The Future of BIPV

Last month on April 20th, we hosted our first Clean Tech Kingpinsevents at the NEXUS Green Building Resource Center in downtown Boston.

It was a huge success! We had about 40 people, I met with someamazing people working on really innovative project. We saw 4presentations from true leaders in the industry and a great question and answer sessions after the presentation.

Two pieces of good news. First, we caught it all on tape and I’ll bereleasing each presentation with an overview of what was discussedstarting today. Second, we’re going to make Clean Tech Kingpins aregular bi-monthly event that will serve as a place for young clean tech pros to recharge, find inspiration, connect with and becomes friendswith their peers, and learn from current industry experts. So staytuned!

Here’s who we had speak, and the order I’ll be writing about eachdiscussion:

  • Jon Abe VP of Business Development Nexamp

Without further adieu, here is Les’s discussion on the current solarPV market, their opportunity, business model, and the future of building integrated solar PV. Enjoy!


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