Venture Capital Still Bullish on Cleantech

Thelong-term outlook for the cleantech sector remains positive, despitethe recent slump in private equity investment, according to a reportfrom alternative investment research firm Preqin.

The report found that although private equity investment incleantech has fallen this year, growing numbers of investment funds areexpressing interest in the market.

Prequin’s research showed that between 2004 and 2008, the number offunds with a cleantech focus worldwide quadrupled to 117, while thenumber of funds dedicated exclusively to cleantech grew from nine in2004 to 39 last year.

“Despite the slowdown in the global economy, this sector seems setto continue its growth with a total of 78 clean tech-focused fundscurrently in market seeking investment,” said the report. “It is likelythat we will see a record number of funds commencing investment in theclean tech sector during 2009, both in terms of solely cleantech-focused funds and in terms of funds that include clean tech amonga number of industries they invest in.”

Report author Tim Friedman said the growth in the private equitycleantech market “ties in with the increasing consumer and investorawareness of climate change and environmental issues, growing levels ofregulations and incentives provided by national governments and theever-increasing global demand for energy and improvements intechnologies within the clean tech sector.”

The report also considers the international nature of cleantechinvestment, noting that 45% of the funds are based in North America,36% in Europe and 19% in Asia and the rest of the world.



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