Utility Scale Solar Show in San Diego

San DiegoI’ll be at the Utility Scale Solar show in San Diego on Wednesday. I know this is a debatable topic, but I tend to get more excited aboututility scale anything, not because I think we can count on utilities to be progressive in the migration to renewables. (Do I look like I justfell off a turnip truck?) I just think it’s asking too much to hope formillions of people to make individual decisions to install rooftop solar (or wind, or whatever) and create a “farmers’ market” of renewables.

It’s also true that some of the most promising technologies don’tmake sense at small scale. You can’t make economically viable 10 kWsystems for solar thermal, geothermal, or algae biofuel.

The transition to renewable can happen – and will happen – when enough people demand it.

If you are in the San Diego area and want to come by and say hello, please hit “contact” and let’s set up a meeting.



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