University of Twente’s Solar Car will enhance sunlight for more power

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The 10th World Solar Challengehas already made many universities unveil their solar-powered cars,with which they hope to bring home the title. The latest to showcasetheir green wonder is University of Twente,who has unveiled their solar car the 21Revolution. Similar to othercars being showcased for the completion, the 21Revolution will bepowered entirely by solar energy and will try to cross the Australianoutback in the first place.

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The car has been developed by a team of 18 ingenious minds of the Solar Team Twente.The car is designed to have a flexible body structure which carries asolar wing made from thermoplastic elastomer. The choice of thematerial makes the car lightweight and improves its aerodynamics. Theteam claims that this year car is 25% more aerodynamic than theirprevious model.

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Thestrength of the car lies in the tilting wing, which runs along the sunso that the sun’s rays are always perpendicular to the cells. The wingis also equipped with a patented lens system that acts like amagnifying glass to enhance the energy of the rays hitting the on-boardsolar cells. The team hopes that the lens system will increase theenergy generated by solar cells and hence more power will be providedto the car.

Via: iGreenSpot



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