University of Nottingham Design Solar ‘HOUSE’

nottingham house_1

Students from the University of Nottinghamhave designed the UK’s first zero carbon mass market home that can bepowered entirely by solar energy. Dubbed the HOUSE (Home Optimizing theUse of Solar Energy), it is a full-scale zero carbon starter home thatrequires no form of active heating.

The HOUSEcomplies with Level 6 of the UK’s Code For Sustainable Homes. TheL-shaped dwelling lends itself to mass market production in terraces,rows or stacked as apartments. The student team has worked withconstruction company Saint-Gobain, which has provided the materials andexpertise required to construct the sustainable house. 

TheHOUSE will be displayed in London’s Ecobuild exhibition in March nextyear and will also compete in Solar Decathlon Europe, which isscheduled to begin in June 2010.

nottingham house_2

nottingham house_3

Via: GreenWise



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