UNI-SOLAR participates in major rooftop PV test site in Denver

UNI-SOLAR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices isparticipating in one of the country’s largest rooftop testing sites forphotovoltaic (PV) modules. The test site, hosted by ProLogis RenewableEnergy, is on a utility-scale rooftop in Denver, Colorado.

UNI-SOLAR is based in Michigan with innovative technology and manufacturingfacilities in Auburn Hills and Greenville. UNI-SOLAR is the onlylarge-scale manufacturer of lightweight, flexible thin-film photovoltaic products in the U.S.

ProLogis is a leading global provider ofdistribution facilities, with more than 450 million square feet of roofspace worldwide available for solar photovoltaic installations.UNI-SOLAR already has 4.7 MW of PV installations active, or soon to bethis year, on the grid on additional ProLogis rooftops in the USA (3.5MW), Spain (5 MW) and France (0.7 MW).

"We appreciate thisopportunity to expand our relationship with ProLogis," said MarkMorelli, President and CEO of UNI-SOLAR’s parent company, EnergyConversion Devices. ProLogis is a responsible corporate partner withUNI-SOLAR and has the vision for bringing more renewable energy rightinto the communities they serve around the globe."

"This testsite will provide a wealth of information about PV on rooftops and gives UNI-SOLAR the opportunity to showcase our unique, lightweight product.We believe these installations will provide clean, inexpensive energy to the power grid and also increase awareness of the benefits of solarenergy as a top renewable energy source in North America and across theglobe for generations to come."

The Denver site totals 11 kWp DCof power generation capacity from 99 modules and eight different modulemanufacturers: Ascent Solar, First Solar, GS-Solar, MiaSole, Solyndra,Suniva, UNI-SOLAR and Xunlight.

Already generating power, theinitial configuration provides side-by-side comparisons of severalmodule technologies, including monocrystalline, glass-on-glass thin film and membrane-applied thin film modules. In addition, the installationcontains 16 individually monitored strings, each designed to test acertain system parameter.

Overall, ProLogis has solar projectsinstalled or under construction on 32 buildings throughout France,Germany, Japan, Spain and the United States. The installations covermore than 10.6 million square feet (984,800 square meters) of roof space and total 24.6 MW.


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