UL sign an agreement of collaboration with CENER

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a world leader in safety testing andcertification services, has intensified its talks with the NationalRenewable Energy Centre of Spain, CENER (Centro Nacional de EnergiasRenovables), to cooperate in the field of testing and certification ofphotovoltaic modules.

With the planned collaboration UL andCENER continue to expand their global footprint in renewable energysector to meet growing demand.

It allows both parties to offerPV manufacturers to test and certify their products according tonational and international standards as well as to UL standards by onlyone testing facility, and thus giving them easier, more cost effectiveand faster access to the international photovoltaic markets and inparticular to the North-American market due to CENER’s local presenceand a highly skilled engineering team communicating in local language.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent product safety certificationorganization that has been testing products and writing standards forsafety for over a century. UL is based in Northbrook, Illinois, U.S.A.,and has recently opened Europe’s largest Photovoltaic Technology Centerof Excellence near Frankfurt, Germany.

The National RenewableEnergy Centre (CENER) is an international best-known andwell-established technology centre specialized in applied research, andthe development and promotion of renewable energies. The foundationbegan its activity in 2002 and the Board of Trustees comprises theMinistry of Industry, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Ciemat(Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology), and theGovernment of Navarra.

It currently provides services andresearch achievements in 6 areas in the field of renewable energies:Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Solar Thermal Energy, Biomass Energy,Bioclimatic Architecture, Renewable Energy Grid Integration and WindEnergy. One of the main aims of the CENER Photovoltaic Solar EnergyDepartment is to support the photovoltaic industrial sector with itsdevelopments and to help reduce the costs of this type of energy source, improving and increasing its possibilities of use.

CENER PVLaboratory performs PV modules tests according to the standards IEC61215, IEC61646, IEC 62108 and IEC 61730. For this purpose, CENER isaccredited by IEC and ENAC. This lab is also equipped for PV inverterstests.


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