UA Tech Park Chosen for $32M ‘Solar Zone’ Project

solar zone FQJHK 5638 UA Tech Park Chosen for $32M Solar Zone Project

Universityof Arizona Science and Technology Park has chosen the UA Tech Park tointroduce the “Solar Zone.”

This $32 million project is planned in 45acres of area. The entire area will be covered with parabolic solarmirrors to capture the solar energy. The plant is expected to generateenough electricity to power more than 1,500 average homes of Tucson andreducing up to 1600 tons of carbon emissions. Tucson Electric Powercustomers will begin to receive the supply by May 2011. This project isnot all about producing electricity, but is also aimed to integrateresearch and industry to develop and promote renewable energy.

Theproject is under the supervision of Bell Independent Power Corp.,Rochester, New York, a developer of thermal storage technology forConcentrated Solar Power. The plant can store the energy captured fromthe sun for hours, which enables it to supply electricity even incloudy conditions. After intense research for five years, Bell has comeup with new state-of-the-art 5-MW solar plant and hopes to demonstrateits ability to improve the efficiency of a facility by 50 percent. Ifconstructed successfully, Solar Zone will be the first of its kindrenewable energy project.

Via: UANews