Transition to a New American Dream

The American dreamevolved from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to anopportunity for prosperity based on hard work. Over time it becamesynonymous with a nice house with a two-car garage, 2.1 kids, anabundant lifestyle with perhaps conspicuous consumption, SUVs, and evena white picket fence. Nowadays, however, with escalating energy prices,foreclosures, a sour economy and uncertain future, people aredownsizing. One organization that shows us how to do this is called ‘New American Dream’.

New American Dream helps Americans consume responsibly to protectthe environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice.They have tips for greening your work and work place, being aresponsible consumer, campaigns, and action steps for furthering theirmission. Their site offers specific education and advice about t greenjobs, climate, the economy, sustainable food, or kids andcommercialism. One of my favorite links is their free ‘Tips For Parenting Brochure"which offers parents ideas for offers parents, educators, and concernedcitizens a wealth of info that will provide a broader understanding ofwhat children face today, and offers tips and resources to help parentsand others band together to protect children from intrusive and harmfuladvertising.