Transformerless grid tie inverters lower cost

Transformerless inverters are popular in Europe and increasing becomingmore common with 3-phase central inverters. But what exactly doestransformerless really mean? Well traditionally inverters have built intransformers inside each unit. Although is a transformer really neededinside the inverter? Most buildings have a transformer on the same lineas the solar grid tie inverter, therefore more than often thetransformer in the grid tie inverter is really not needed.

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Somegrid tie inverter manufacturers decided to eliminate the transformersto reduce the cost, size and weight of their product line. The greatestadvantage of removing the transformer from the inverter is it increasesefficiency since the loss components are eliminated. Fortransformerless inverters to meet NEC (national electric code) a moreexpensive PV wire has to be used to ensure a code compliantinstallation. What do you think about transformerless inverters?