Toyota Represents Green at the LA Auto Show $TM

As news coverage of the 2010 LA Auto Show continues, a lot of companies are using the event as their chance to spread news about their latest green vehicles. One of the companies that have been making the biggest announcementsduring the LA Auto Show is Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. Even prior to the event, Toyota has been pulling no punches as they continue to expand their green vehicle portfolio. Earlier deals with electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and constant news on new electric and hydrogen models all seem to be coming together nicely with the Auto Show reveals.

Speaking of Toyota and Tesla’s deal, the LA Auto Show has given greenvehicle enthusiasts a chance to see one of the outcomes of thepartnership that was forged earlier this year. The other day, Toyotaunveiled their all new, all-electric RAV4 EV that was designed withTesla’s people. According to Toyota, the RAV4 EV is expected to haveperformance similar to that of the current V6 RAV4 models and will beundergoing prototype testing for a majority of the coming year and isexpected to his production sometime in 2012. While exact technicaldetails about the RAV4 EV are unknown, Toyota did reveal that Tesla isresponsible for the lithium ion battery packs and other electric systems while Toyota is going to handle the vehicle assembly and overalldesign.

While the reveal of the RAV4 EV was one of Toyota’s biggest at the LAAuto Show, it was not the end of their green vehicle announcements.Following the vehicle reveal, Toyota announced that the public couldexpect to see eleven new or redesigned hybrid automobile models fromToyota in the coming years. Aside from the RAVE4 EV, the company willalso be releasing a new Prius hybrid model called the Prius V and hasreaffirmed their commitment to working on the next generation of battery technology.

Toyota also announced that they had hoped to release a series ofhydrogen fuel cell vehicles onto the market by 2015. Considering theywere showing one of their hydrogen fuel cell prototypes, the FCHV-adv(Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle-advanced), recently in London, it would seemthat they are on course for pushing fuel cells in the next severalyears. Toyota is currently working on refining their fuel celltechnology with prototypes like the FCHV-adv in order to ensure thatthey will be viable replacements for gasoline powered vehicles. TheFCHV-adv is currently being shown on roadways in California and New York as a part of Toyota’s demonstration program.

With Toyota making such a strong showing at the LA Auto Show, it will be interesting to see if they are able to stay strong in the next year astheir plans continue to culminate. With any luck the company will beable to deliver on their promises and consumers will see a whole stringof electric vehicle and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle releases in the nextfive to ten years.

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