Toyota Goes Electric at the 2011 Auto Show $TM

Since Toyota is one of the biggest Japanese automobile manufacturer’spushing for the development of electric vehicles and hybrids cars, it is no surprise that they have felt at home on the showroom floors of thevarious auto shows in recent months. The North American InternationalAuto Show 2011 in Detroit is, of course, no exception to this as Toyotamakes big headlines. With a series of announcements that reinforcedearlier press releases and a few unveilings, Toyota has once againproven that they stand with the top dogs of green vehicle production.

One of the biggest announcements coming from Toyota at the Auto Show has been the unveiling of their latest green vehicle concept for thePrius-C Hybrid. The latest in the line of Prius based vehicles; this one is believed to feature some sort of plug-in electric system and to beone of the most fuel efficient cars yet. While exact specifications anddetails on just how the vehicle will achieve extreme fuel efficiencyhave yet to be released, Toyota has said that the car is being designedwith urban transportation in mind.

The other Toyota green vehicle that received showroom floor time is thesimilar Prius-V MPV model. The Prius-V is similar in design to thePrius-C but marketed towards a different group of consumers and it meant to be more like a sports utility vehicle or minivan than simple sedan.While the Prius-C is expected to be marketed towards a younger, urbanconsumer base, the Prius-V is meant to be Toyota’s hybrid contributionto the family vehicle market. Toyota has said that the Prius-V willshare drive trains with the Prius-C, but will feature more space and itis expected be more family friendly overall. Toyota announced during the release that the Prius-V will have a fuel economy of roughly fortymiles per gallon putting it towards the top in the family van stylebracket in terms of fuel efficiency.

While the Prius models may have been the biggest announcements to comeout of the North American International Auto Show 2011 for Toyota, it is apparent that there is a lot more to come. Their partnership with Tesla alone is supposed to be yielding some very interesting results soon.Undoubtedly, once the Tesla based Toyota models are ready, Toyota willonce again place themselves firmly towards the top when it comes to thegreen vehicle and hybrid car market.

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