Top 5 Solar Powered Sports Stadiums

Regardless of what country you live in, sports are a significantaspect of life; as such, enormous stadiums housing professional sportsteams can be found on every continent in the world.

Usually these stadiums — with seating capacities upwards of 100,000people — are energy hogs.  There are some stadiums, though, that havejumped on the green building train and utilized sustainable buildingmaterials.

CalFinderhas narrowed down the list to the "Top 5 Coolest Solar-powered stadiums;" let’s take a look.

1. Dragon Stadium:

Located in Taiwan, Dragon Stadium is the world’s first 100%solar-powered stadium.  Opened in 2009, it is equipped with 8,844 solarpanels which generate 1.14 kWh of electricity per year — more thanenough to power the stadium’s 3,300 lights and two enormousscoreboards.  The surplus energy produced is sold by the Taiwanesegovernment

2.  Stade de Suisse

Located in Bern, Switzerland, this football stadium has been equipped with 7,000 solar panels on its roof since 2005.  The solar arrayproduces 1,200,000 kWh per year — enough to power 400 households.

3.  AT&T Park

Home to Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants, thisstate-of-the-art facility boasts a 120-kw, 600 panel, solar array. Although not quite as impressive as Stade de Suisse and Dragon Stadium,this array is capable of powering the stadium’s scoreboard, orgenerating enough electricity to power 40 homes.

4. Easy Credit Stadium

Located in Germany, and home to the FC Nurenberg football club, thisstadium was equipped with a solar system in 2006.  The system wasinstalled on the stadium’s roof and provides 140 kWh of electricityannually.

5. Fenway Park

The historic home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team.  This stadiumopened in 1912, and has received a few face-lifts since then.  One camein 2008, when solar panels were installed on the stadium’s roof.  Thesolar panels generate enough electricity to provide over 37% of thestadium’s hot water.

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Image courtesy of Werner Kurz via Flickr

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