Top 5 solar power site assessment factors

Todetermine if you have a good location to install solar panels togenerate clean power you need to conduct a site assessment. Answeringthe following key questions will help you identify if you have anadequate project site to install a solar electric system:

  1. Will the location provide a clear solar window from 9am-3pm without being shaded at critical times?
  2. First, do you have access to install the solar panels south? if not, can you install the solar panels west facing?
  3. Wouldyou like to mount the solar panels on your roof or is there a locationon the ground that is better suited? ever consider pole mountedsolutions? What would work best for your location?
  4. Is there an area with air flow and indirect sun to mount the grid tie inverter?
  5. Whereis the main electrical service panel? how about the meter? is there issub panel? How many feet from the solar array location to theelectrical service panel?

I hope this quick summary ofwhat’s required in a solar site assessment will help you figure out ifthe location your considering to install solar panels is optimized toprovide you the maximum return on investment.



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