Top 4 Advantages of Solar Power

Are you burdened with your monthly home electric bills? No matter howyou try to keep your consumption of electricity low, does it still hurtyour pocket when payment is due? Have you pondered on ways on how youcan eliminate this undesirable load from your budget? Well, worry nomore. The answer to all these questions can actually be very simple:solar energy.

In homes, solar energy is a very good option sinceit is very efficient and environmentally friendly. All you have to dois invest on solar panels that will convert the heat coming from thesun to useful energy that you can use for numerous items in yourhousehold. These solar panels can be strategically placed on the partof your house where they will be in contact with the heat coming fromthe sun at all times. These devices can also supply heating and energyin your homes not only during the day but also at night time since theyalso have energy storage devices.

So how do they work?
Thesesolar panels, or solar cells, are also known as photovoltaic cells (PV)that are in turn made of semiconductors such as silicon. When lighthits the cells, it is absorbed and then transferred into thesemiconductor which lets loose electrons allowing them to move freely.The PV then has the capacity to direct the electrons to flow in acertain direction which is now the current that we can useexternally.Lights in your yard, for instance, can be made to work usingsolar energy. Calculators with small solar panels also function withoutthe use of your standard batteries. Even heating your water can be madepossible through the use of energy from sunlight.Watching television,turning on air-conditioning units, operating washing machines, andsurfing the net for hours in your laptops can be just some householdactivities that can be done without the guilt or worry of highelectricity bills if you are to use solar energy. And since heat comingfrom the sun is inexhaustible, there is no possibility of havingblackouts in your entire home.

Among the advantages of using solar energy are:

1) Environmental friendly
Beinga renewable source of energy, it is highly sustainable and clean touse. Unlike nuclear energy and energy obtained from fossil fuels, solarenergy does not leave behind waste products and is a non-pollutingsource of energy. It doesn’t have the dangers of nuclear technology.

2) Reduced cost
Thebest part about using solar energy probably is that it is free. Directfrom the sun. Even thought, there are certain time where the weatherconditions are cloudy and stormy where solar power may not be received,but such days are exceptions and not the rule. After the one-timeinvestment in the solar energy device gets fully recovered, the energythat is provided by the sun is absolutely free and does not involve anyfurther investments.

3) Independent or semi-independent
Thesemi-independent benefit of the solar energy includes offsetutilization of energy consumption supplied and the ability to operateindependently without requiring the support of any gas or power grid.Therefore solar energy can be installed in remote locations (likeholiday log cabins), making it more practical and cost-effective thanthe supply of utility electricity to a new site.

4) Little or no maintenance
Solarequipment requires less maintenance as compared to conventional energyequipment, resulting in significant cost saving. As the solar equipmentdo not require investment or expenditure in its maintenance, a largeamount of maintenance cost can be saved. After installation, the solarenergy systems do not need to be paid for the recurring costs.