Top 3 Trends for New Renewable Energy Companies in 2010

2009 was another banner year forgeothermal and solar companies. There’s good reason for optimism in2010, but several key trends are already beginning to reshape theindustry. Here are the top three things you should keep in mind as youput together your business plan for next year:

1. You’ll need credentials to access incentives.States need to show they are spending taxpayer dollars responsibly andrequiring credentials to access rebate programs is an easy way to dothat. IGSHPA (Geothermal Industry) and NABCEP and IREC (Solar Industry)are emerging as the de facto credentials. More states will follow earlyadopters like Connecticut to do this in 2010.

2. Building efficiency will be a part of the sales conversation.As consumers get wise about energy consumption, they’re starting to askmore questions about building efficiency and load reduction. Growth ofgeothermal and solar will grow as a compliment to building efficiencyand you’ll be hearing more of these types of questions if you’retalking to customers.

3. Good business people will rise to the top.Companies that have good customer service, quality products, and happycustomers have survived the recession and are best positioned tosucceed in this growing market. It’s not good enough to be afirst-mover anymore – big or small, great businesses that can executewill be most successful in 2010.

Change creates opportunity. These trends can be the things thatdrive the growth of your business in 2010 if you recognize the need toget out ahead of them.

This posts comes from our second industry insider, Brian Hayden.Brian adds a unique perspective to the clean tech industry by providinghigh quality, industry certified renewable energy training to buildingprofessionals. I’m looking forward his future posts. 



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