Top 10 Green Concept Computers

We all have a role to play when it comes to saving the environment and the best way in which we can contribute our bit is by purchasing eco-friendly gadgets and devices. Technology is ever-changing and expanding and so any device which is new today will become obsolete tomorrow. Thanks to the advancements happening in the area of information technology, new computers enter the market and soon remain nothing more than a piece of junk. This is precisely why a new area of computing has emerged, which is popularly known as Green Computing. The technology encourages people to use computers as well as accessories that are environmentally-friendly and that cause little or no harm to the environment during their usage or when they are disposed off.

Here, take a sneak peak at the 10 concept computers that promise a green future of computing:

1. Recyclable paper laptop


Recyclable Paper Laptop

Recyclable Paper LaptopRecyclable Paper Laptop

One of the most environmentally friendly computers that you can think of purchasing is the Recyclable Paper Laptop. This concept laptop is crafted from papers that have been recycled or pulp materials that are essentially packed in layers. Consumers, especially tech geeks keep looking for newer and latest models of computer and junk the old machines by dropping them into landfills. This further adds to the e-waste items. By purchasing the Recyclable paper laptop, you won’t have to worry about repairing it as well as it is comparatively easier than the traditional laptops. Besides, the damaged parts of these laptops can be easily replaced with newer ones and then sent across for recycling.

2. IMEC laptop


Solar Powered Laptop

Solar Powered LaptopSolar Powered Laptop

This unique laptop can be easily powered using just two solar cells and encourages people to understand the importance of solar energy or alternative energy. This prototype laptop has been designed by industrial designer Jan Leyssens and runs completely on solar energy. It is popularly known as the “IMEC Meets Howest” computer and combines the mobility feature of the laptop with solar cells capable of generating renewable energy.

3. Lifebook Leaf multipurpose laptop


Life Book Leaf Laptop

Life Book Leaf LaptopLife Book Leaf Laptop

This innovative gadget has been designed using the new environmentally-friendly technology that will further help in revamping laptop productions in future. The idea of designing such a concept based laptop came to designers Carl Burdick and Laura Karnath who were competing for the “Fujitsu Design Award – A life with future computing”. Some of the other exciting features of the gadget include OLED touchscreen that spreads out easily and can be conveniently folded as a laptop. Its exterior is carved out of polycarbonate, which is optically sensitive material and shatterproof as well.

4. LOOP – Ecofriendly desktop computer


Dell Loop Laptop

Dell Loop LaptopDell Loop Laptop

This device is the creation of industrial designer Jocko Chan who has made a conscious effort to craft a computer for Dell that is eco-friendly. Better known as the LOOP, you will have to place an order for this system online so that it can be delivered to your home directly. Dell’s employees handle any issues pertaining to the repair as well as enhancements of the device. Those components that are in a good shape are used again whereas all the other components are sent for recycling. This computer is ideal for reducing e-waste and is space-saving as well.

5. EVO PC Concept


EVO--PC Laptop

EVO–PC LaptopSustainable laptop

The EVO PC that is made from materials that are sustainable as well helps a great deal when it comes to reducing carbon footprint in comparison to the traditional computers. This system consists of two primary parts including the EVO Base unit and the EVO Client. The best part about these systems is that all upgrade, maintenance and support related tasks for the PC is done through remote server. This unique PC concept meets all the key environmental issues that are emerging from the usage of today’s computers. While the EVO Client is 99 percent smaller in size it also has 96 percent less mass in comparison to the traditional desktop PC. This helps in reducing the material, energy and packaging that is required at the time of production and transportation of the product to the end customer.

6. Compaq EOS sustainable desktop


Compaq EOS

Compaq EOSSustainable desktop

This environmentally friendly computer is the creation of industrial designer Cody Stonerock who has primarily designed the system for HP brand of computers targeted at low cost computing market. This gadget incorporates very few components and offers basic computing power only. None of the components in this system are fixed, which makes it easy for the consumers to replace any broken component with ease and thereby reduce e-waste and promote recycling. This system has been designed in such a way that the company can easily launch a take back program to allow customers to send their computers back for the purpose of recycling. Even the materials that have been used to design the system are green. While the stand is crafted from recycled aluminum, the makers have used biodegradable bio resins plastics in the system.

7. Igglu modular PC concept


Igglu modular PC concept

Igglu modular PC conceptIgglu modular PC concept

The Igglu Modular PC concept helps in minimizing e-waste and allows for easy upgrading and customization of the system. The makers of this system have devised a service model, whereby the users can simply remove the damaged component and place a new one using their online accounts. This system incorporates color coded and hot swappable modules for optical drives, hard drive, graphic cards, RAM and PCI drives. Users can easily replace these modules and send them back to the company for recycling.

8. ‘Bento’ solar-powered concept


'Bento' solar-powered concept

‘Bento’ solar-powered concept‘Bento’ solar-powered concept

The credit for designing this solar powered system goes to Rene Lee, an American product designer. This system is essentially a combination of notebook, Smartphone and tablet computer that are all packed in a single system. A look at the basic structure of the computing system suggests that it features a 15-inch OLED screen which is enough for accommodating a tablet computer, battery, a Smartphone and a 1TB hard drive. It also features solar panels that are well integrated and used for recharging the on-board lithium-ion battery. Once the system is completely charged, users can remove the tablet computer as well as the Smartphone from the system and use them independently.

9. Solar Laptop Concept


Solar Laptop Concept

Solar Laptop ConceptSolar Laptop Concept

The solar laptop concept is the brainchild of designer Nikola Knezevic and is perfect for safeguarding the environment as well as minimizing your electric bill. The top half portion of the laptop is attached to a solar panel that is capable of extracting the maximum amount of sun’s rays when it is folded out. Even when the laptop is closed; the solar panel can still attract sun’s rays so that the energy can be used for charging the battery of your laptop. This is an ideal solution for professionals and surveyors who work outdoors most of the time.

10. Luce solar-powered laptop concept


Luce solar-powered laptop concept

Luce solar-powered laptop conceptLuce solar-powered laptop concept

This concept laptop, which has been created by industrial designer Andrea Ponti is powered using renewable solar energy only. The main aim of the makers of this system is to design a laptop using polycarbonate and incorporate two solar panels in it that are capable of generating electricity for the laptop. While the top portion of the laptop comes installed with one of the PV (photovoltaic) panels, the second is positioned under the transparent touch-keyboard and helps in ensuring that the laptop remains charged throughout the day.

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