Top 10 Boston Clean Tech Companies Killing It on Twitter

Recently, I’ve been getting asked more and more who and whatcompanies to follow on twitter. So, I’ve decided to put together somelists.

BEWARE, if you’re not familiar with twitter you may have no idea what I’m talking about.

Today, I did my first #FollowFriday for my favorite green peoplearound Boston. It went something like this:

@GreenLDistrikt: Myfirst #FF for #Boston’s #green scene @hollyfowler @asheen @morganmm@CleanPursuits @goodnaturegirl @mangojess @renewacycle

Those focused on my favorite people but these are the companies thatare using twitter the best in and around Boston, and sometimes NewEngland area in no particular order.

@firstwind – Although FirstWind does HUGE wind development and thus their customers probably arenot on twitter, they provide great news, information and resources tothe twitter community interested in wind.

@millvillegreen + @millvillegreen2 : Laura and Helen are doing some great work with green strategicmarketing and program implementation and are great at using theirtwitter feeds to communicate what’s happening in the are and nation.

@greencollarguy – Kevin Gulley has created the largest B2b Green Directory on the web, animpressive feet. The directory will allow companies to research and find the most profitable ways to become green.

@newgenenergy – NewGeneration Energy kicks butt in the twitterverse, always providing great information. They provide innovative financial tools that help peopleinvest in greening their communities. Keep an eye on these guys, I think they’ll be national one day.

@HarvestPower – HarvestPower’s customers are not twitter per se, but I feel like their presence on twitter is in large demand. Organics recycling is something mostAmericans don’t have a clue about so any and all education on thesubject is much appreciated.

@energycircle – PeterTroast is the energy efficiency man as far as I’m concerned. I’ve neverseen a better site that educates homeowners better on energy efficiency, hands down. Also see @energycrclgoods for some deals on good stuff

@Jeff_groSolar – Jeffthe CEO of groSolar has had a twitter feed for sometime now. It’samazing to me that more solar CEOs don’t have twitter accountsespecially if they’re selling to residential because homeowners are ontwitter. I like hearing Jeff’s tweets, they’re a good mix of business,pleasure, news and life.

@emergentenergy – EmergentEnergy Group doesn’t have the most active twitter account at the moment, but usually have some good info on on renewables and communitydevelopment.

@evcast – Hands down the BEST resource, podcast, blog, news whatever you wantfor information about electric vehicles. I’d say they’re the EnergyCircle of Electric Vehicles, or maybe it’s the other way around?Regardless, if you want to keep up to date on what’s happening withelectric vehicles (my vote if on Better Place) follow these guys

@reworld – Like @evcast and @energycirlce, Renewable Energy World, in my opinion,is hands down the best renewable energy news resources that exists onthe planet and they are located close by in New Hampshire.

Well, that’s my list. I agree, whether twitter is actually a usefultool or not is arguable and it depends on an organizations businessmodel and who their customers are. I can say without a doubt thattwitter has changed my life for the better and I’ve met some amazingpeople through it.

For those green, renewable energy, clean tech folks. Do you usetwitter? Why?

If yes, how do you think we can use twitter to drive the movementforward?



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