Tom Steyer: A Clean Energy Heavyweight

SteyerHeadshot Tom Steyer: A Clean Energy Heavyweight

I spend at least a few minutes every day taking actions to connectmyself with the world’s most visible proponents of renewable energy.Right now, I’m trying to contact Tom Steyer, by all odds, one of themost vigorous and effective supporters of environmentalism and cleanenergy.

Here’s a good example. While I was emailing my database urging people in California to get out and vote “No on Proposition 23,” (aninitiative funded by two Texas oil companies that would have crippledthe state’s efforts to protect the ecosystem and build green jobs), Tomwas joining Former Secretary of State George Shultz to fund manymillions of dollars into the political campaign. Check this out! 

Now that’s someone whose hand I want to shake in thanks for a job well done.