TiSUN Supplies Large-Area Solar Collectors For Hungary Project

TiSUN, a Tyrol, Austria-based developer and seller of solar collectors and storage tanks, provided equipmentfor a completed installation at the Y building in Tapolca, Hungary. Thecompany supplied large-area collectors with a total area of 177 squaremeters, four PSN backup tanks (each 1,000 liters in volume) and fourBE-SSP hot water tanks (each 1,000 liters in volume).

The systemprovides hot water for 102 apartments in the building. According to thesystem’s installer, Schneider Energy, the 24 collectors supply around50% of the building’s total hot water requirements.

"We tackledthe circulation losses through renovation work and by installingcirculation valves," notes Istvan Schneider, managing director ofSchneider Energy.