Time to Get Real About Climate Change

12 September of 2011 by

carbon emissions smoke Time to Get Real About Climate ChangeThe Climate Reality Project (CRP), Al Gore’s follow up on his Inconvenient Truth film, is promoting a day of action between Wednesday (14) and Thursday (15).

CRP is described as a 24-hour campaign to reveal “the complete truth of the climate crisis”, an attempt to put climate denialism to sleep for good.

It will include a multimedia presentation by Al Gore to be delivered every hour for 24 hours, representing every time zone around the globe. Larry Schweiger, board member at The Climate Reality Project and the President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, will be anchoring the event, which will be broadcast through the website.

As part of the action the World Future Council will feature on its website the relationship between climate change and nuclear power to highlight the fact that climate change makes nuclear power more dangerous.

According to Rob van Riet, WFC Coordinator Peace and Disarmament Working Group , “the nexus between climate change and nuclear risks is not always obvious at first glance. However, a rising incidence and intensity of natural disasters can have grave implications for nuclear security and safety”.

Climate change can cause warmer springs, which then create earlier snowmelt, leading to drier conditions and a greater chance of ignition. The wildfires that spread through Russia in the summer of 2010 posed a severe nuclear risk when they were on their way to engulf key nuclear sites.

In Britain, all but one nuclear power stations lie on the coast and for that reason are exposed to erosion and flooding of the British coast. There is a possibility of tsunamis caused by climate change as it induces coastal landslides.

As the Fuskushima disaster in March has illustrated, the effects of extreme weather events on nuclear activity and safety can be tragic. As environmental patterns become increasing unpredictable, nuclear facilities and weapons represent a highly volative variable in an already unstable equation, said WFC.

Since the nuclear accident in Japan, the country has been moving to increase the share of alternative energy in its energy mix. Germany also swiftly moved away from nuclear.

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