Tibet to Get 10 More PV Power Plants

solar energy KFMsJ 69 Tibet to Get 10 More PV Power Plants

China plans to install 10 photovoltaic power plants across variouslocations of Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region by end of thisyear. This will have the capacity to generate more than 100 MW ofelectricity to support China’s ever-increasing power demand. The aboveplan is part of China’s ambition to increase the PV power plants andattain about 5 million kilowatts installation capacity by 2015 and 20million kilowatts by 2020.

With a total investment of 2 billion Yuan ($ 308 million), Tibet isnow said to be China’s leading solar power base and highest power plantstation in world. According to a report from National Energyadministration (NEA), China’s domestic solar power demand is around5,00,000 KW a year. The rapid increasing of demand will be wellsupported by the PV solar plants in Tibet making it the leading hub toreach for clean energy. It is believed that from the existing 9 MW PVpower plant in this region, 13 percent of China’s power demand is met.

Anyhow, the spiritual land of Tibet is well blessed with abundanceof solar energy resources with an average of 3000 hours of solarradiation annually or 6000 to 8000 mega joules per square meter. Almost2,00,000 Tibetan homes now have free solar electricity and nearly4,00,000 kitchens have solar stoves. Ensuring clean energy, Tibet hassaved about 162,800 tons of coal last year alone as per the regionalgovernment report.

Via: ChinaDaily