ThinkSolar, S-5! Develop New Mounting Clamp For Standing-Seam Roofs

ThinkSolar, a national wholesale product distributor and project integrator, has partnered with S-5!to design a new clamp for standing-seam metal rooftops. With the newThinkSolar S-5! product, installers can rail-mount (via an L-foot) orattach mid/end clamps directly, ThinkSolar notes.

If the seamson a standing-seam metal rooftop are an optimal distance apart,installers can attach S-5 mid-clamps without using a rail. However, ifthe seams are too far apart, installers often need to run a rail,requiring different S-5! clamps. The new ThinkSolar S-5! producteliminates this need, according to ThinkSolar.

"The [product]consists of two different-sized threads on the top of the clamp, makingit useful for any mounting application," explains ThinkSolar CEO ElmarNiewerth.