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THINK delivers its first U.S. built electric cars large Think Electric Drives Electric

THINK, the world’s leading dedicated electric vehicle maker, has delivered its first U.S.-built cars to the State of Indiana for use in its government fleet. The 15 vehicles, which were shipped from THINK’s manufacturingfacility in Elkhart, Ind., will be the first electric passenger vehicles with American-made, Lithium-ion batteries used in a U.S. fleet operation.

“We’re proud to be the first manufacturer to deliver an all-electriccar built in the U.S. with an advanced battery that suits the needs ofgovernment and commercial fleet operators,” said THINK CEO Barry Engle. “Our delivery today is part of a larger effort to help transform theU.S. light-duty vehicle fleet from one that is mostly dependent onimported oil, to one that is fueled entirely by domestically producedelectric energy.”

“As part of that goal, we’ve made a strategic decision to targetinitially the many millions of fleet vehicles in operation in the,” Mr. Engle added. “These fleets can jumpstart vehicle electrification in America’s cities and help push the industry past early adopters into mainstream consumer markets. Fleet sales will drive up vehicle andbattery production volumes and drive down costs, which will benefitretail consumers.”

The economics of electric vehicles forfleet operators in terms of cost of ownership are highly positive. Withdefined travel routes and centralized recharging and service, fleets are the natural platform to launch this new industry