The YouShine Solar Bag for your iPhone


A group of young Catalan entrepreneurs based in the Silicon Valleyhave developed YouShine, a 100% eco-friendly bag integrated with solarpanels. The bag has a USB port to connect and charge small electronicdevices like iPhone, digital camera, mobile phones, iPods, and evenlaptops by using solar energy. However, it should be noted that itcertainly cannot reach the efficiency level of a conventional plug.


The product is the result of company’s experiment of usingtechnological applications for clothing. Currently available in 17different colors, it allows you to recharge your mobile phone in twohours when directly exposed to the sunlight. So, now you no more have to worry about running out of the phone battery while you are just in themiddle of a romantic conversation or simply about to take a picture ofthat beautiful scene.

But, what if its a cloudy day or you are inside a building? Probably, you could carry an additional battery plugged in the bag while on themove. This will allow you to save energy whenever possible andsimultaneously, carry on with your work. YouShine is a fantastic product available at a price tag of 129 Euros and can be bought from an onlinestore called “Store Lab”.

Via: Iphone Active


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