The Urban Crash: Green Community Concept

urban crash 1 QbwJw 7071 The Urban Crash: Green Community Concept

It would be nice to have a cool shaded community space in everylocality that allows you to spend some cool evenings under shade anddoubles up as party-space when needed. The design of Urban Crash allows this and a lot more with its solar structure at the center that doubles up as both an energy center and cool rooftop.

urban crash 2 SPd6W 7071 The Urban Crash: Green Community Concept

Designed keeping in mind the vibrant and varied needs of an urbancommunity, Urban Crash allows you to party, organize community eventsand hang out with you family without altering the basic structuredrastically. The solar rooftop nestling at the center of the stage hasphotovoltaic cells embedded into a glass structure. This not only offers shade, but also allows the entire structure to produce its own energy.

urban crash 3 zUm3P 7071 The Urban Crash: Green Community Concept

The power produced by the solar glass roof structure above is stored in the batteries and can be used either for sound effects during aparty or even to illuminate the LED lights that are embedded in theglass roof during night. This give the stage of late-evening parties the look of a star-studded sky with various bright LED lights sparklingthanks to the solar power stored during daytime.

The idea of such a structure being the heart of social life in every community and maybe even finding its place in parks is very practicaland achievable. Hopefully we can see a prototype of this project out inthe open soon.

Via: Trimo-Urbancrash