The Tufts Evolution of Energy Conference

postcard_1 copy This Friday and Saturday, the 2010 installment of one of the largestand most successful student-run conferences in New England will pose the question: How have our energy needs and systems evolved, and how willthey continue to evolve in the 21st century? The Tufts Energy Conference began in 2006 as two small discussion panels–and just four years later, hassome big-name backing and expects over 400 attendees.

Sponsored by British Petroleum (BP), Chicago Bridge & IronCompany (CB&I), Enel North America and The Dow Chemical Company, the conference has clearly caught the eye of the energy industry. Keynotespeakers at the conference include Michael Eckhart, president of ACORE(American Council on Renewable Energy); Howard Berke, co?founder andexecutive chairman of Konarka Technologies; and energy policy expert Sue Tierney, managing partner at Analysis Group.

The conference will be held on Tufts University’s Medford,Massachusetts campus. There will be daytime panel discussions andworkshops, and on Friday evening, an open-to-the-public energy showcase. Registration is not required for the energy showcase, but if you’d like to check out any of the panels–such as “Evolving Fossil Fuels” or“Renewables To Scale”–you’ll need to register here.

Tufts Students Run Conference On The Evolution of Energy


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