The Time For Solar Is Now

46 The Time For Solar Is Now

I’d like to draw your attention to two recent articles by Tom Friedman,a renowned columnist for the NY Times and one of my favorite authors.Tom is far greener than I; however, as an old economics major, I agreewith him that it is the economics of the conservation energy that ismost critical to our nation generally and the fledging Solar industryspecifically. In the first article Tom discusses the growth inApplied’s Solar business and laments that the factories are being builtin China. (Have a Nice Day)

In the second article Tom goes on to say that the efforts by theChinese in PV and their focus on Green Energy should be seen as anevent similar to the Russian launch of Sputnik back in the 60’s (The New Sputnik)an event that should be a clear call for action to spur the Americanpeople. Sputnik led to the “Space Race” and innovation in every phaseof American life from Tang to the internet, but mostly it led to a hugeinterest in technology. And by the end of the Space Race, America wasthe technology leader in about every facet of industry one couldimagine. However, over the past thirty years, we have turned ourinterest from making things to making money. We have allowed our bestengineers to turn from tweaking hardware for best performance totweaking trading algorithms that produce a bit more for the hedgefunds. I think we need to take a hard look at what Mr. Friedman issaying and call on our Politicians to do the same.

Solar Power is an industry poised for huge growth. The economics ofthe industry, the high degree of automation that can be used makes thisan ideal industry that might just allow the American ManufacturingSector a chance to crawl back from the dead. If we don’t, I’m afraid itwill be a long time before the next opportunity presents itself andwhen it does it will only be because our children are the new low costmanufacturing site for a dominant Chinese economy.

Cimetrix is dedicated to improving the efficiency of solar cellproduction and actively seeking avenues for assisting the US solarindustry to achieve this goal. We have been involved in the PV-EIS Task Forcesince its inception. A world-wide factory automation software supplierto the semiconductor industry, Cimetrix is an expert in the SEMIconnectivity standards and has already been working with members of the solar industry to implement the new PV2 standard. Cimetrix offers a complete set of proven and efficient equipment communication software solutions for PV manufacturing.

by Stu Benger,
Director of Sales, North America