The T3 solar powered robot for green playtime

T3 Solar Robots The T3 solar powered robot for green playtime

Solar power is slowly but surely invading our lives, for a betterfuture. It’s now toys that go solar powered, instead of drainingbatteries. The sun is ever generous and has been shining down on us foras long as humankind can remember. It was until a few decades ago thatwe learnt the use of solar power. And it’s time that we use it to powerup our lives. Your kid will grow up to be a solar powered genius usingtoys like the T3 robot at a tender age. Get a hold of this. This solarrobot is super cool and is something no kid, no matter how demanding,would ever get bored of. The robot can transform into two more shapes, a tank and a scorpion, and then back on its two feet.

Also, to put it together, no glue is required, keepingsticking problems at bay. And just incase the sun doesn’t show, you cansimply expose it to a 50 halogen bulb to power up. Your child can learnthe green way for just £13 ($18.6).