The SunReports Solar Panel Data Collector

06 April of 2010 by

SunReports solar power data collector The SunReports Solar Panel Data Collector If you’vespent thousands of dollars on solar panel system you probably want toknow how well it’s working.

At least this is what SunReports was banking on when they invested in the development and production of theirsoon-to-hit-the-market solar panel data collector. The SunReports solar power assessment tool is both a piece of hardware that you runyour solarpanels or solar hot water tank through, as well as web software forcalculating and tracking the data.

Preliminary tests that the data collectors have been put throughshowed that several of the hot water systems were configured incorrectly and were operating at night and wasting energy.

The main customers for SunReports will be solarpanel installers who will be able include the system as part of aninstallation package for home owners and small businesses with theestimated cost coming in for “hundreds of dollars” for a five to tenyear contract.

SunReports has recently stated that they expect to start makinghundreds of thousands of their data collectors this year.


Kaiser Permanente Goes Solar


Kaiser Permanente Goes Solar

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Huge Solar Project in Morocco to Generate Energy

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