The Sunnyside Up Solar Lamp

Sunnyside up solar

Let’s start with a quiz. List down as many uses of solar energy asyou can think of. Don’t take pains to think of the answer, I shall dothat on your behalf. Solar Energy has a few conventional uses of thoseof electrifying, water heating and the most recent, refrigeration.However, there aren’t many on the earth who would think of chargingnight lamps or a mobile night torch during the day by virtue ofsunlight? We have a legitimate contender who claims to have done so, the product being a portable lamp.

The brainchild of Sunnyside up Solar, the portable lamp has beenfondly named ‘Signature SUS’ because of the subtle depiction of SUS onthe graphic of the lamp. You can use this lamp after dusk provided yourplace has constant supply of sunlight during the day. The back of thelamp is brilliantly designed to make the bulb shine brighter.

Sunnyside up solar

Sunnyside up solarSolar powered lamp

Sized 5.5? long by 4.25? high, the lamp uses two LED bulbs, a switchand two AA batteries which are rechargeable. The best thing about thissolar lamp is that you can take it wherever you like, be it on weekendcamping or night walks. Charge it during the day and you can easily usethe lamp for five to seven hours at night. You can program the time when the lamp is supposed to light and it will pop up automatically. A goodtime integration, I must say. The Lamp is now for sale at sunnyside upsolar supermarket shop for only $38.

Sunnyside up solar

Nature has gifted us our star only to be used until the portion ofour planet in which we reside turns around. Such inventions as the above would help us enjoy the sun’s benefits even when the globe has rotatedabout. So, enjoy the invention and enjoy the lower electricity billsthat would have been otherwise keeping you awake. This is what we callfeasting on nature’s bounty using human brains. Turn on this majesticsolar lamp, sip a cup of coffee and read your favorite book!

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