The ‘Sunflower’ Solar LED Monitor

sunflower 01

There is no lack of variety when it comes to laptops, tablets andsmartphones in the market today. But what most of us as usersconveniently forget is that all these are charged up using conventionalgrid power. That means, that all those mobiles, laptops, iPads, PCs andother ‘cool stuff to sport’ collectively leave behind a hugecarbon-footprint. Sunflower LED PC monitor not only offers to cut out on the conventional power usage, but also tries to offset thecarbon-footprint of other gadgets around the home as well.

sunflower 02

The Sunflower monitor has integrated photovoltaic cells that canjuice up when you are not at home or not working on the your system.Just place it next to the window and have some sun shine on it and itwill do the rest. This power is stored and used for the PCs functioninglater on. It also has a ‘wireless Bluetooth sharing dock’ integratedinto its stand. Just hook up your favorite mobile (the likes of iPhone4, Android or WP7 handsets) and you can share data with the click of abutton.

sunflower 03

You can transfer pictures, music, videos and every other file format that your mobile supports. We are hoping that it will also charge themobile while sharing files, but its creator Marko Vuckovic has not madeto clear whether that feature is on offer. Either way, this is oneconcept design we can totally get behind!

sunflower 04

Via: Behance


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