The SPYDER Xc Electric Vehicle

The SPYDER Xc has been designed by Seung Kim as a vehicle that can adapt to different conditions in the urban world of tomorrow.The vehicle is powered by electric motors that run on both electricityand solar energy. The electric motor of the vehicle is powered by alithium-ion battery pack and generates up to 100hp of power. The vehicle has an operating range of about 400 miles per charge.

The SPYDER Xc is equipped with a layer of solar panels on its glassroof that harness renewable energy throughout the day. Moreover, theunique pattern of solar panels compliment’s the vehicle’s overall look.The designer expects that the vehicle can be produced from recycledmaterials, including its ultra-light aluminum body that can be made from recycled aluminum cans.

The SPYDER Xc can change its shape by retracting its rear wheel. The reduced configuration allows the user to adapt to any road conditions.The first configuration lets the driver drive easily through trafficwith the rear wheel fully stretched. The second configuration, where the rear wheel is retracted, lets the user maneuver through tight spacesand allows him to park virtually anywhere.

Thanks: [Seung Kim]



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