The SolarWindow from New Energy Technologies

worlds first see through solarwindow by new energy technologies_1

New Energy Technologies has announced that researchers have made major scientific and technical breakthroughs, which allows the company to unveil a working prototypeof the world’s first glass window capable of generating electricity, inthe upcoming weeks.

Until now, solar panels have remained opaque, with the prospect ofcreating a see-through glass window capable of generating electricitylimited by the use of metals and various expensive processes which block visibility and prevent light from passing through glass surfaces.

The technology has been made possible by making use of the world’ssmallest working organic solar cells, developed by Dr. Xiaomei Jiang atthe University of South Florida. Unlike conventional solar systems, New Energy’s solar cells generate electricity from both natural andartificial light sources, outperforming today’s commercial solar andthin-film technologies by as much as 10-fold.

Via: GreenDiary



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