The Solar Transit Shelter Bus Stop

4.jpgRemember the darkened out bus stop we usually catch in thriller movies, with ahapless victim waiting for the storm to pass while a predator droolsnearby? Well, it probably wont be so dark out there anymore, ifHollywood decides to use the Transit Shelter that is. Arato Designs hascreated this innovative design, a bus stop powered by solar energy. Thebus stop has a extra high ceiling with a wide entry and a 360° view ofthe surroundings. The steel structure wrapped in plastic keeps awayelectric storms too. By adding 5’ x 5’ modules, the length can easily be increased and decreased too. The solar panels power up the interior and overhead information panels by soaking in the sun, with enough space on the exterior for advertising.

This sure is one hell of a bus stop to wait at, for storms to pass, for a hungry predator, or just the bus!




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