The Solar Powered G2 Street Lighting Module

g2 solar powered street lighting module_3

Industrial designer Robert Lipinski, the designer of Luceplan’s Sky Solar-powered LED lighting system, has shared with us his new creation – the G2 all-in-one street lighting module that gets powered by renewable solar energy.

g2 solar powered street lighting module_2

The G2 is an intelligent wireless outdoor lighting system thatcombines a high efficiency solar panel and a high-capacity lithiumpolymer battery to power an LED light board. The compact lightingsystem’s solar panel generates 3.9W of power, which is stored in a10,000mAh battery pack. The G2 is suitable for use on small roads,pathways and in parks where energy saving is essential.

g2 solar powered street lighting module_1

Thanks: [Robert Lipinski]



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